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Were Back!!!

Below is a rehash of my posting to the seatcp mailing list back in May, outlining a bit about the death of the old wetnet server and it's resurrection.

As of today the website itself is back in it's original form.   I have plans for a complete web overhaul but life seems to be getting in the way so the old system will have to do until I complete the planned site upgrade.  

-------------------------The Story so far-------------------------

Back at the end of May the Wetnet server died while I was logged in fighting a sudden influx of spam and web bots along with it's sudden desire to kill processes for lack of memory, even though memory was fine.

Rather than fight it any longer I spent the remainder of the week (with the exception of a one day trip to Lyman to put a spare antenna on 224.78) getting the new server ready.  I already had the OS installed (openSuSE Leap) and was running a VM for the jabber/xmpp server so I continued on and put in roughly an additional 30+ hours.

It all got installed on May 29.

It's now a dual, 2.5Ghz Xeon quad-core server with 16gig of ram and lot's more disk space.   Thats the host machine.  There are Virtual Machines handling different services like mail, xmpp,dns,web and keyserver duties.  Plus a couple more for special cases like Curt's firenet processes.

In the long term all this virtualization will make it easier to protect, backup and even provide some redundancy by potentially hosting VM's elsewhere.

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N7RIG Memorial

December 18, 1936 to May 14, 2014


invited to come and share your

of Richard in a celebration of his life.


and Tina Stroh

and Karee B

Saturday, July
26, 2014 at 4 PM

14919 NE 163rd

Woodinville, Washington 98072

to tina
or 425-481-5735

July 20,2014


Dinner and beverages
served following the memorial.

Please feel free to share this invitation with others who may

wish to come and
celebrate Richard’s life with us.

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A good friend of many of the WETNET gang, Richard N7RIG, passed away

this afternoon after fighting cancer for the last few months.


Richard was known to many as 'Santa Claus' and the guy who had the

farmland big enough for us to erect the full-size 20M rhombic on

field day.


He will be missed.


Memorial service details to follow as soon as I have them.


Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead.

Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.

Just walk beside me and be my friend. — Albert Camus


Richard walked with all of us.


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Where does the WETNET gang hangout?

I've been getting a number of requests lately asking for a list of frequencies where at least some of the wetnet gang can be found. 

I'll get around to adding a list to the FAQ but in the meantime here's the current list.

      Location                          Frequency               PL

  • Olympia                        224.08/ -1.6Mhz    103.5 Capitol Peak     2700'  West and slightly South of Olympia
  • Central Puget Sound    224.58/ -1.6Mhz    103.5 Buck Mt            3747'  near Quilcene
  • North Puget Sound       224.78/ -1.6Mhz    103.5 Lyman Hill        4300'   East Northeast of Sedro Woolley
  • Central Puget Sound    441.950/ +5Mhz    131.8 Buck Mt.           2700'  West and slightly South of Olympia

All four machines are linked together (441.950 is the hub machine)   220Mhz is the preferred band although we won't scream if you come in on 441.950.

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Field Day wrapup

WOW, what a georgeous weekend for FieldDay this year.  It's been years since we've had weather this good.IMG_0489.JPG

While Friday was a bit on the cloudy side that made it perfect for putting up antenna's.  Richard (n7rig), Tor (ae7ev), Curt (we7u) and I (n7ipb) put up Richards new HF vertical, the forty foot mast for the dipoles and the operations tent.

Considering it was only the four of us (and Richard left early to attend n0fpf's wedding open house) we did pretty well.

Then it was off for beer and food at the Skagit River Brewery.

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It's Field Day time again

Once again the WETNET gang will be participating in  ARRL Field Day from the QTH of N7RIG in the beautiful Skagit valley.


Tlhis year, unlike years past we're not doing a special antenna project nor are we putting up one of our previous big antenna's.  No Bruce array,  no 20M rhombic.

Instead we'll be keeping it simple. 

  • One Titan-DX multi-band vertical (destined to eventually become N7RIG's permanent HF antenna)
  • One 160/80/40 dipole and G5RV on a single mast
  • One 6-meter quad. 

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SeaPac 2011

Our annual outing to the SEAPAC convention in Seaside Oregon is over for this year.  Once again a fun time was had by all with  something like a dozen and a half of the Wetnet gang there as well as countless other acquaitences  there was no lack of activity.

This year Peter (wa7fus) provided a portable 224.22 repeater and ran it from his hotel room.  It made staying in contact with everyone extremely easy and avoided the hastle of finding a clear simplex frequency for our use.

I didn't win anything but I did pick up some clamp-on ferrite filters to see if I can kill the two meter interference in my car and maybe make an attempt at eliminating the 144.39Mhz interference from my Clear modem at home.  I'm not holding my breath but it would be nice not to have to relocate the APRS antenna.

Richard (n7rig) was the real winner this weekend, getting two small prizes ($10 at the booth of the guy with all the soldering equip. and a free pizza at a local place).  

But the biggie was when he came away with a Yaesu VX-3R handheld at the main drawing.

Pictures are here:


Man that Eye-Fi SD card for my camera is great. :-)


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DCC Day Two - Codec 2:

Bruce Perens, K6BP - Codec2: An Open Future for Digital Voice

Bruce outlines his plans for an open non-propriatery voice codec for amateur radio applications.

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DCC Day Two - SDR Cube

George Heron N2APB and Juha Niinikoski, OH2NLT - SDR Cube: A portable SOftware Defined Radio Utilizing An Embedded DSP Engine for Quadrature Sampling Transceivers

George and Juha have designed a complete SDR transceiver in a 4" x 4" cube.  It contains a Softrock RxTx v6.3 and an embedded DSP controller a graphic LCD display and all controls.

It also allows connecting the NUE-PSK Digital Modem for various digital data modes.

They expect to cell kits and assembled versions sometime in the next couple of months.

More info at: https://www.sdr-cube.com

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DCC Day Two - Teaching D-RATS about AX.25 and WInlink

Dan Smith, KK7DS - Teaching D-RATS about AX.25 and WInlink

Dan gave a very nice talk with some background on D-RATS and whyAX.25 support might be desirable.

For about a year D-RATS has supported D-RATS frames stuffed into a kiss frame.  This has allowed the use of kiss mode tnc's but without AX.25 you can't digipeat or make use of any ax.25 infrastructure.

The current design does not implement (or ever will) AX.25 layer three it simply wraps it's frames in a AX.25 UI frame.

More info at: https://d-rats.danplanet.com/


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